Production processes

The right process based on your needs

At HGF, we have several different production methods and processes where we always choose the ones that are best suited for your product.


In many cases, injection moulding is preferred as the tool is closed during the process and already preheated material is injected into the cavities.

This has several advantages such as:
  • Positioning and locking of embedded components
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Evener material distribution in cavities
  • Less flash
  • Increased possibility of automatization
  • Less operator dependency compared to compression
Possible injection volume at HGF: 0.4 - 12 liters


In transfer moulding, one or more preformed blanks are placed in a mold pot. The press is then closed and a piston goes down into the pot and pushes the rubber through the injection holes.

As rubber is a poor conductor of heat, this method is preferable to compression moulding, as the pressure drop in the injection hole changes from pressure to heat energy.

This process has several advantages such as:
  • Shorter cycle time and curing time compared to compression moulding
  • Less flash than with compression molding
  • Better possibility for positioning of in-moulded components


Compression molding involves manually placing unvulcanized material, cold or preheated, into an open mold.

This process has several advantages such as:
  • Often lower tooling cost compared to injection moulding
  • Good for smaller series
  • When manufacturing reinforced details
  • A suitable process when manufacturing larger parts with high material volume
We have presses with a mould size between 0.2 - 4.2 square meters

Material Compounding

We are proud that we are self-sufficient when it comes to the materials we use in rubber moulding.

Already when HGF was founded in the 40s, we had our own mixing department and that is something that always been a vital part of the company and which we see as a great advantage. This because we have full traceability and at the same time not dependent on an external supplier. These factors together with the fact that our technicians can develop customized materials make our customers choose HGF as a supplier.

We have the possibility to compound materials both in our laboratory and in our mixing department, which gives us a high degree of flexibility both during material development, prototype manufacturing, in projects and during serial production.