Rubber is a versatile material and what makes rubber unique is its ability to combine elasticity, durability and resistance to external influences such as heat, cold, moisture and chemicals.

In order to obtain the desired properties, one must choose the right polymer to give the rubber its unique properties.

Each polymer has its own composition and properties, which makes it possible to create a rubber for specific applications.

Base material

Here you can read more about the most frequently occurring polymers that we have chosen to call base polymers.

Special material

This section describes the polymers that are not as common but are often used when searching for a rubber with high performance properties beyond what is found among the base polymers.


The recipe structure of the rubber together with the chemical vulcanization process is what makes it possible to individually shape the rubber and give it its final geometry and properties.


The recipe structure for a rubber is the basis for a rubber to get the properties you are looking for.