Business Areas

For more than 70 years, we have constantly developed new products and developed innovations together with our customers. This has resulted in our full-service offer within molded parts for the following business areas.

Industrial Products
We have extensive experience in supplying rubber products to industrial companies all over the world. Materials and a design that enable the absorption of shocks, sounds and vibrations are often required. Products we manufacture are used to make machines and systems safer, quieter and more energy efficient. We develop the products together with you to meet your high demands and specifications, both today and in the future.

The marine industry needs rubber products that can withstand extreme conditions. Together, we select the best material for your applications, develop prototypes and carry out technical calculations to achieve the best possible final product. We have long experience and our machinery is adapted to production of large and complex products for the marine and offshore industry.

Our entrepreneurship has resulted in a patented fender system, De:Fender, for the marine industry.

Mining & Construction
The focus in this business area is operational reliability, increased service life and increased wear and tear resistance. The years in the industry have led to that we have accumulated valuable knowledge about materials that we been able to optimize to cope with tough environments when it comes to conditions such as wear and loads. Products for the mining industry are often a combination of rubber with additional materials, for example steel, textile or ceramics. Over the years, in close collaboration with our customers, we have developed wear protection, screening media, dust seals, machine feet and noise and vibration dampers.

Products we manufacture are used worldwide when there are high sealing and safety demands. With the input of your requirements and specifications, we develop materials for your prototypes, products, and serial production. Our technicians support you in the development of membranes, gaskets, bushings and other sealing solutions.

One of our customers is Roxtec where the combination of our material and their product design provides certified protection against multiple risks, including fire, gas and water leakage.

We have extensive experience in supplying high-quality rubber products to companies with a focus on sports and health. Rubber is often used to achieve a combination of different properties – from friction and bounce to wear resistance. We are proud to be able to contribute to new world records together with our customers, but even more importantly, improved public health.

Some examples of this are patented weightlifting discs, horseshoes and roller ski wheels for the most well-known brands.


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