HGF Lean Acedemy

We love Lean

As part of further strengthening the collaboration with our customers, we have started the HGF Lean Academy. We are convinced that increased know-how at all levels in the areas of materials, technology and Lean is a catalyst for reaching new heights in the development of existing and new products and in the way we work together.

We began our commitment to Lean in the fall of 2006 by adapting the philosophies, methods and tools to our business and created the HGF Production System, HPS. The effects have been several, such as improved efficiency, lower scrap rate, improved delivery precision and, above all, a motivated staff in a workplace that breathes entrepreneurial spirit. In 2009, we were awarded the Halland Lean Award.

The justification was:
"With great determination and committed staff, the winner is changing from a conventional workshop company to a world-class Lean company. The winner is an example for medium-sized companies, not only in Halland but in the whole of Sweden".

In the fall of 2011, we were rewarded for our efforts in developing HPS with a silver medal in the Swedish Lean Award. This award was later followed by customers who encouraged our work even further with awards such as the Ford Q1 and Volvo Cars Quality Excellence Award.

We therefore feel confident when saying - Lean On Us!

Anyone who chooses to invest in Lean embarks on an inspiring journey that leads to the creation of a highly cost-effective company. A piece of advice from us, based on our experience, is to:
1. Anchor the concept
2. Acquire competence within the company
3. Set aside time for implementation