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Sofie Sandhagen is our new Materials Manager

HGF has recruited Sofie Sandhagen to the position of Materials Manager. Ms. Sandhagen has a MSc degree in chemical engineering from Chalmers University and she has materials development experience from one of our suppliers.

By recruiting Ms. Sandhagen, we are strengthening our know-how within the field of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE). This particularly important since our product portfolio based on this material is growing.

    “We want to promote a good dialogue with our customers and also with our suppliers so that we can ensure a better fit between our customer’s functional requirements and the production efficiency in our plants. That will make our common value-chains stronger in the long run.”

The same basic idea is also applicable to the production of rubber components.

    “In our lab we test new compounds. New and interesting raw materials are continuously evaluated. The quality of the finished compound is holy, but we are always looking for better functionality and better value-for-money. And this applies to both rubber and TPE”