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Mile stone conference unites HGF employees and sets clear course

The future is bright for HGF. The interest in our products and solutions grows and new opportunities emerge. Given the speed of change the company is going through, it is important to get everyone on board. A management conference was organised in the end of November to get an open discussion around how to achieve our vision, a world class polymer manufacturer.

   “It was the first time so many employees participated actively in creating the company’s future”, says Mr. Christian Kiks, CEO of the company.

Leaders from Sweden, Latvia and Belgium worked together exchanging ideas and viewpoints. Inspiring lectures were mixed with group workshops that gave new input as to how HGF is to achieve its goals. Special guests representing some of our most important customers gave their view on our working relation.

Five cross-functional groups were formed with the special task to work on five important strategic points. Their work will start in January and their ideas and findings will form HGF’s future. This is a new way of working that actively involves employees and bridges gaps across factory and department borders.