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A new TPE press doubles the capacity in our Riga factory

The demand for HGF’s floor mats is increasing. In order for our Riga factory to keep up and meet the higher customer call-off levels, we have invested in a brand new TPE injection press.

   “It has an injection volume of 6.7 liters”, says Mr. Jonny Andersson, Production Manager at the HGF Riga plant. “This new press allows us to produce larger mats than before, for example trunk mats.”

The new press has doubled the TPE production capacity in the Riga plant.
   “We can keep on ensuring a spot on delivery precision to our automotive customers because our production becomes more efficient and more flexible. Now that we have doubled our capacity, the production lead time will be reduced.”

The machine was installed a few weeks ago and was in full production on Monday the 7th of November.