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Eleiko and HGF run a Lean workshop together

Kaizen is a method for continuous improvement within the Lean Production philosophy and it is an integral part of everyday life at HGF. Now that one of the work cells is being targeted for efficiency improvement, Kaizen is again the method used. The work cell is the last phase of the production process for Eleiko’s weightlifting discs. Hence it was natural to invite Eleiko to participate in the workshop and to let them see how HGF works with Lean. Eleiko wanted to join the workshop for several reasons.
   “Our company will grow and expand and we have to think Lean to do that in a good way”, says Mr. Mattias Andersson at Eleiko. “It’s about doing things right the from the start”.
The workshop will last for three days and every aspect of the process is considered to set up a more efficient work flow. The first day of current state analysis has just concluded. The next step will be to develop solutions and to implement improvements.
   “Lean should not to be restricted to boundaries of your own company”, stresses Mr. Christian Kiks, CEO at HGF. “It is important for us that our customers understand our production system. We will be stronger when we act together.”