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Our Product Development Department strengthens our customers’ brands

There are many steps required before an idea is transformed into a product ready for production. Our Product Development Department gives our customers support in this process.
                             “We help our customers design new concepts, develop new products or create different variants of existing products”, says Mr. Zaheer Mohammad who is responsible for the department.
One example is car mats, which is a product where design features have become increasingly important. The Automotive customers have identified the consumers’ wish to personalise their cars and floor mats is one of the products that can help create that feeling and at the same time strengthen the car maker’s brand. We help our customers develop design concepts to achieve this. Another example is our customer Eleiko to whom we offer our product development assistance when it comes to developing new weight lifting discs.
When we get an assignment from a customer we gather a team with the appropriate know-how to solve the task. We normally include Engineering and Materials Development. But it’s not only about developing product based on our customers’ ideas.
                             “We also develop our own products”, says Mr. Mohammad. “Right now our new fender for industrial ports is a very promising project”.