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Vinnare av Green Excellence Award (Riga Ministry of Environmental Protection)

In the ceremony organized at the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development on December the 9th 2015, the first Latvian State Environmental Service "Green Excellence Awards" took place. The event gathered the 20 Latvian top companies on environmental protection, both in terms of their environmental system and in terms of the concrete actions taken to reduce their environmental impact.

The State Environmental Service evaluated around 2500 companies and SIA HGF Riga received 11 points out of 14 possible. Thanks to investments in new production technology and the introduction of environmentally friendly products at the Riga plant, we managed to reduce our total environmental impact. Additionally, the introduction of Lean Production at the Riga plant has continuously improved our processes. This has made them more ergonomic for the employees, more efficient and it has clearly reduced our waste and energy consumption.