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Spain new export market 

We keep on expanding our reach to new markets and Spain is the latest on the list. In 2015 we were nominated as the All Weather Mat supplier to the new SEAT SUV “Ateca”. This is our first project with SEAT and deliveries will start in April this year.
   - We have identified interesting customers and markets and the Volkswagen Group, including SEAT, is one of them, says CEO Christian Kiks.
The mats have been developed in close collaboration with SEAT. Our Product Design Department has had a key role.
   - We presented design concepts to SEAT at an early stage of the project and the final design was developed based on our suggestions.
It’s not solely a question of design, however: a high material quality level is equally important. SEAT’s materials lab has demanding requirements, but our material passed their tests.
We look forward to a long and mutually prosperous partnership with SEAT.